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I found this car where I find most things: on the internet. I had been searching for a good mid-life crisis for a while. I already had a motorcycle. But I've always had a love for cars. The muscle cars, the show cars, and the custom stuff as well. It would be very cool to own a beautiful red corvette. But it's just not gonna happen, at least in the next few years.

Then, an owner in Wisconsin contacted me about this car. It was pretty well kept, considering the car was 30 years old and had been through about 5 owners. It did run. So, after seeing a few pictures and talking with the owner, I had it shipped down to central VA.

Unfortunately, on the trip down, it lost its rear glass. No biggie, I planned on doing something a little different in the back anyway.

Many things catch your eye. Here, you'll notice the wrapped, plexiglass gull wing doors.

Yeah, the interior is pretty rough, gauges are minimal. Andit's all got to go, especially the carpet.

Here's the power plant. A 1969 1/2 air-cooled, 4 cylinder 1600 cc engine, with approximately 56 Horsepower.

The high back bucket seats are pretty cool, but the 30 year old upholstery has to go. Notice the rear shelf and storage area.

The orange thing is used to control the concealed headlights.

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