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Here are a few close-ups to get an idea of what i'm dealng with here. Although I'm not a trained auto mechanic, I can still find my way around a car pretty good. My dad was very mechanically inclined and i followed him around as a kid asking a lot of questions. But, this is still a pretty big step for me. I knew I didn't want to tackle a Delorean replica, or Ferrari or certainly not a Diablo/Count Tach.

Upon closer examination, I find quite a bit of road wear and crud at the rear suspension. That's gonna need quite a bit of TLC.

Overhead of the transmission and engine area. Not too bad actually. The round openings are the ducts coming off of the heater boxes.

This C.V. joint is going to need some attention. The IRS rear end debuted in '69, a step up from the swing axle rear.

A view of corrosion found on the rear trailing arm. I bought a cheap sand blaster to knock most of this off.

Here you can see the steering system and the messy brake master cylinder. 2 hoses attach to the resorvoir.


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