Inside the Bradley

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The interior of this car was pretty rough. It was all there, it just needed a redo. So I just began ripping all the interior fabric out, even the headliner. To do that, I simply removed the 5 bolts in the front and the screws on each side of the rear pillar.....

I replaced everything with off the shelf stuff from Lowe's. Once the surface was clean, I used a heavy duty spray adhesive and went to town.

To the right is a shot from when I got the car.

I stripped all the old material off the dash. To do this I had
to removed the T-top. Pretty simple really.

Along the front "firewall" of the car, I used more closed cell
foam for sound deadening. The rest is just a thin grade carpet.

more carpet along the sides. I let a little overhang on the bottom. This is so it will mate up with the 1" body lift I'm also doing.

For the headliner, I lucked out and found a huge selection at
a fabric store. Use spray adhesive and pull it tight and even.

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