Fuel Cell Modification

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In its standard configuration, the manufacturer supplied fuel cell is mounted just behind the rear jump seat. And that's cool, but the problem is where the filler neck is mounted... not cool. The horror stories i've heard of gas spills and really, really slow gas fills made me want to rethink this...

To the right is the tank mounted just in front of the engine. Notice the fuel fill nozzle to the left.

Here, the tank is removed. You can see the angle iron support bracket and the 2x4 braces up top.

The original fuel cell, still in its primer color. This view would be from the rear of the car. On top is the fuel sender, where
voltage is sent to the gas gauge.

I've welded closed the orginal opening and relocated and welded some filler neck to the top center of tank.

Another view of the tank. You can see where I added closedcell foam in the engine compartment for sound deadening.


To the left is from the back of the car looking on the rear deck.
You can see the new gas fill opening. At a later date I
would like to update the look, as i'm using the original right now.

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