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Here you'll find random images. People have requested certain pics to help them through a process, so I figured I'd just post them here. Click on an image for a full screen version.

Good diagram of wiring

Close-up of steering column and donut

Transmission tunnel look toward rear, clutch and fuel line

Shifter pulled out, the notch/ball is to catch reverse gear

Rear end left side with stub, cv joints, bearings removed

Close-up of engine

Transmission tunnel looking forward from rear end. Note clutch, fuel, vent/heat, and e-brake

Transmission tunnel exposed with shifter laying on top to check distance

Close-up of master cylinder/resorvoir

Fuel cell, exposed with vent line

Rough drawing of how to adjust generator belt using washers

Engine. duh??

Chassis, with pan drop, body lift and clean engine and carpet

Close-up of webber progressive 2 barrel carb

Reverse lights

Side view mirror from back

Side view mirror from front
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