Lowering the Pan / Master Cylinder

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Although I didn't document it too well, here's some pics showing the "pan drop". Because the overall height of the car is only 48", headroom is at a premium. Since I'm pretty tall (6'3"), I dropped the pan by 3". This involves physically cutting the floor pan and welding in a 3 sided modification. The picture at right was provided by Jeff Troy, called by many the grandfather of bradley owners. You can check out his work and purchase a CD with literally hundreds of images at bradleygt.com

Other mods include the master cylinder shown below.

Here's a drawing right from the manual on the pan dropping
procedure. Again, you can get the whole e-manual from Jeff Troy.

The original chassis with the flat floor pan . There's a slight drop
for the rear seats, but I needed a lot more.


A closer look at the pan drop. After cutting, fitting, and welding the metal, I then coated everything with a rubberized, waterproof material.

A profile of the chassis showing the pan drop. Note how the
mod causes the pan to gradually drop from front to back.



This is how I got the car. The resorvoir was attached to the body. A real pain.

The master cylinder. Pretty rough shape.

All cleaned up. Welded a "T" plate to the tunnel to support the resorvoir. Fill it with fluid, then drain each wheel cylinder.


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