Rear End Work

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The work begins on the chassis. After a thorough degreasing, one area to work on is the rear axles. The procedure here is to pull the axles and CV joints and repack/rebuild the rear bearings.

To the right, you'll see the left rear axle area with the bearings, spacers and a ton of other things pulled and soaking in mineral spirits.


On the transmission, main drive connectors are on each side,
left and right. This is where a CV joint and axle connect to.

Here are the stub axle and bearing parts. CV joints have already been cleaned and repacked.

CV joints with fresh grease on cleaned axles. Sitting in freezer bags to keep out dirt, waiting to be installed.

CV joints connected between axles and twice degunked tranny. 2 more not shown, connecting stub axle that holds rear wheels.

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