Rear Deck/ Rear Pillar

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I never really liked the rear section of the Bradley. Everything else was cool, but it seems like the designers were at lunch when this rear area was done. You can get the gt with the short window or long fastback. I like the look of the long fastback lines, but not the plexiglass itself (you can see an example on the owner's page). So I decided to do something different. At right is the rear area in question without the back glass.

Here I've carefully measured and cut plywood and screwed it in to the area. I created a small frame below the deck to support it.

Another view. I need to grind down the lip of fiberglass meeting up to the new deck. Its not that much, but it needed some work to make a smooth transition. Note the relocated gas filler.

2 grinders here. On the left the standard 4" harbor freight special. Does a lot but for this I needed big bertha on the right.

Smoothed out, and 2 layers of fiberglass mat applied. Then 2 layers of cloth. Please keep in mind I have no idea what I'm doing here.

Now the deck is pretty much done, except final filler and sanding. I've started the rear pillars by forming posterboard to the shape I want.

A quick coat of resin to harden, then I used polystyrene (not styrofoam!) to build up and give rigidity.

I created an inner and outer shell, using way too much fiberglass, but its getting there.

Now the piece is taken off the car for some inside work that I just couldn't reach. I used duct tape/packing tape on the car, so the fiberglass would not stick.

Working on the inside of the piece. It just seemed easier to do it this way.

A final layer of glass/cloth/resin and trim up the edges. Ready to put back on the car.

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