Shifter Modification

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Because of the compact size of the Bradley (just 48" high), certain things need to be done to cram a 6'3" 225lb man into one of these things. In my case, I needed to relocate the shifter and emergency brake further to the rear, making it easier to reach and creating more lateral leg room.

Not every owner does this, but i decided to go for it. After removing the asphalt coating, the metal tunnel is exposed. To the right, I have removed the shifter and already scored and cut into the frame tunnel. The plan is to swap the front and rear sections, thereby moving the shifter 7" to the rear.



The 2 pieces are now removed where I can grind the edges
and inspect the inside of the tunnel.

Moving the shifter requires resizing the shifter tube as well.
Here a 7" section has been cut, removed and rewelded.

Checking the shift tube length for its new position. Notice the
floor pans that have been dropped by 3" giving more headroom.

With the shift tube reinstalled, the tunnel sections have been
swapped. A trial fit is checked before welding.

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