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I remember seeing it in Popular Mechanix and Hot Rod magazines. You take this sports "kit" car and put it on a VW beetle chassis. You gotta be kidding! I mean, as a kid, I wanted to build a go-kart. But this, this was a grown-up version of a go-kart... And with major style points. Was it legal? Absolutely. Was it affordable? Definitely. Was it safe?.... Did I mention it had a cool metalflake paint job?

Actually for its day, it was reasonably safe. This particular car is a 1976 Bradley GT I. And it is built on a 1970 VW beetle chassis. I bought this ride for a pretty good price. It ran. It was all there. But it was rough. What follows is my story of restoring this old classic to its original glory and maybe do a couple of unique things just to give it my own personal touch.

Check out the "restoration" page for recent work.


1976 Bradley GT I

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