Center Console

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In the bradley kit, there is no center console, at least for the GTI. As you see at right, the center area is pretty bare and dull without it. So I wanted something to dress it up. The empi short throw shifter is nice, but it sits up a little high. Plus I hate seeing the e-brake just sticking out. Normally in a VW bug, the seats are pretty high, so all the center area isnt really noticed.

There was no real plan for this. I didnt have a kit or see a picture somewhere. I just started working it out.

I started with some thin plywood. I just started measuring and
shaping. I knew I wanted a cutout for the shifter and e-brake.

I add some headliner material to give a padded look. Its not real thick. I had some left over, and just spray glued it on. 3M spray glue is best. Not real cheap, but real good.

Not shown, but before I added the black vinyl, I applied
several coats of fiberglass matt for additional strength,
I think it would have been pretty wimpy otherwise. I pulled
the vinyl nice and tight and used spray glue
and hot glue to attach it underneath.

Here it is installed. The black matches the seats and dash
board. There is a small storage area beneath the padded
armrest. Just used 1" foam rubber there. I will add
a small hinge and clasp to complete the job.

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