Carpet/Body Lift

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O.K., I'm covering 2 things together here. First is the carpet. Not a big deal, I just bought some marine carpet at Lowe's and used weldwood cement to adhere it. But first I covered the pan in closed cell high density foam. It's water/fire/sound proof, and a bit pricey. Another Bradley club member had suggested it, its pretty nice.

The second thing is the 1" body lift. Another suggestion from a club member, I used composite decking material to form a 1" rail around the perimeter of the pan.

In this close-up, you can see the decking material. I cut it in rough sections to match the contour of the pan. Note the refurbished pedals.

I screwed the 1" rail into the pan, then used a rubberized sealant to help bond it all together.

Another view showing the rail and carpet.

This rail will boost the height of the body when reattached. More
importantly it will give the driver much needed headroom.

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