Seating Changes

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What can I say? The seats that came with the car..., well..., they weren't that great. They looked cool I guess, but they needed some work.

To the right is how the seats looked when I got it. I got the new covers at dans performance. Check the links page for their site.

The new covers didnt have the tall headrest, plus I didnt
like the look, so i cut 'em down a little.

Here's a before and after shot. On the left is originial copmlete
with 35 yr. old naugahyde. On the right is an in progress
shot of the new seat.

I'm not an upholsterer, but I could tell my butt was gonna
need some padding. I started with some dense closed cell foam.

Here's the seat with additional foam padding. I think once I
sit in it a few times, it'll form a little better.

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