Rear Storage

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Well, the rear storage area in the GTI left a lot to be desired. In the VW beetle, it was called the jumpseat area, where the rear seats would be. But in the Bradley it was just a generic storage area. It needed some work.

I know some bradley members keep it open, but I really wanted to close it in for a more finished look. At right, is how I got the car, looking at the area behind the seats.

I started by building a deck across the back of the open space. This will be covered in a different section. 2 x 2's were used to build a frame.

I had to work around the transmission hump and the battery box. This seemed the best way to do that.

A shelf was added where the normal storage would be, I just extended it out a bit. Then I covered it all with carpet.

Here it all it, covered with carpet, including 3/16" plywood for compartment covers.

I used hinges and cabinet clasps to hold the doors closed. The doors can easily be taken out completey for oversized storage.

The lower compartments are used to conceal the battery and perhaps some tools. And since I made the seats pivot forward, the access to the rear is pretty easy.

This has a more finished look and hugs the seats better. It would have been really cool to make it out of fiberglass and have it curve and conform to the seat shape.

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